Immoral Vs. Illegal: EU’s Intervention Is Pushing Members Away

The original concept of the EU was simple. It brought many countries together. Some of these countries were weak, with poor infrastructures and struggling economies, but others, like Britain, France and Germany, were some of the most powerful players in the world economy. This joining of forces should have been a threat to the United States, the world’s largest economy. Instead, things turned bitter. This has become particularly apparent since Britain’s exit from the EU. A notable figure that supported the Brexit campaign was Sanjay Shah, owner of London hedge fund firm, Solo Capital. According to Mr Shah, “Britain’s joining of the EU brought an added layer of bureaucracy to things, and made processes slower.”

EU and Ireland Row – Is it the Beginning of Irexit?

Sanjay Shah Finans and Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook at a conference. Apparently, Irish tax probe

Since the EU was formed, there have been a number of conflicts between its partners. However, Britain was the first one to call it quits.

The EU recently alleged that Apple has not been paying the correct taxes. Interestingly, they are not only placing blame on the British government, but on the Irish government too. The government of Ireland had no problem with Apple paying a low tax. Ireland is home to one of the largest Apple facilities outside the US, and the company employs over 6,000 Irish citizens. Since Apple’s way of paying taxes has been approved by the Irish government for almost two decades, this accusation is a subject for much debate. We are not commenting on who is right and who is wrong, but it is clear that the term ‘tax fraud’ is pushing it.

If things do turn sour, Ireland may feel increasingly threatened by the EU’s intervention in its affairs, which may push it to consider leaving the EU.

Sanjay Shah Denmark ‘Tax Fraud’ – After Building a lot of Hype, TV2 of Denmark Thinks it is immoral, not illegal

Sanjay Shah Deals with Tax Frauds

image courtesy: gregallenphoto

There is a clear reason why a civilized society must establish a set of rules that its citizens adhere to. These rules offer clear instructions that ensure the smooth functioning of society. When it comes to Denmark’s tax system, it is messy at best. It has been this way for many years. However, when some businesses used the low tax rates to their advantage, many people were unhappy.

TV2 titled their article about Sanjay Shah, ‘fraud suspected’. However, when you read the news story, they suggest there is nothing illegal about Sanjay Shah’s deals. Instead, they argue that some of the deals are immoral. It seems that TV2 do not like anyone that does not meet its moral standards. Unfortunately, there will be thousands that judge TV2 in the same way. I don’t imagine the channel will stop broadcasting because someone thinks they are immoral.

Apple’s story is very similar to that of Sanjay Shah Denmark. Both are clever at understanding systems and using them to their advantage. However, I am 100% sure that their investors will have complete faith in them. If their actions are not to everyone’s liking, propose changing the law. When lawmakers and politicians start calling businesses ‘frauds’, what will happen to the common man?

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