Making Your Own Hedge Firm? Sanjay Shah’s Success Story

Sanjay Shah Investment Tips

Sanjay Shah’s story is something one might expect to see in a movie.

After being laid off in 2007 from a highly paid job, Mr Shah was not exactly in a bad position financially. However, he did not want to settle with fate. Instead, he believed that the savings he had acquired could help him run a business for a year without any problems, so he decided to invest in a business. This is how Solo Capital was born, a hedge fund firm featured in the UK’s Telegraph in 2015.

Sanjay Shah - Hedge Funds Success

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Sanjay Shah speaks about how to make a successful hedge fund firm. He has been in the industry for many years and moved from job to job because of the hostile atmosphere in the banking industry. He wanted things to be different in his firm and he suggests:

  1. Team Harmony

The harmony of your office team makes a big difference to the overall atmosphere. Dealing with conflicts and disagreements in the office on a regular basis is unpleasant. When there is complete harmony, and everyone gets on, employees are more satisfied.  If a disagreement does arise, it is best to handle it in a positive, fair and constructive manner. Without team harmony, a stressful job like trading becomes extremely difficult.

  1. Interesting Work

The work that you give to employees is very important too. If they are consistently given dull, repetitive and boring tasks, they will start to feel unsatisfied. Everyone likes to be challenged from time to time. So, spice things up and make sure that everyone is stimulated in their role. Speak to people and learn to recognize when people need to be given something new and challenging to do. This will benefit both the employee and the employer, as bored workers are rarely productive in business.

  1. Office Environment 

Sanjay Shah believes that the physical environment of the office affects how people work. He suggests improving your office’s appearance by giving it a new lick of paint and installing specialist lighting. This will make the office feel more positive and vibrant. You should also think about the psychological environment. Effective relationships between employees and managers is crucial. If these relationships are open and mutual, employees will be a lot happier in their jobs.

  1. Feedback and Praise

If employees get feedback on their work, they will know you care. They will also know that you genuinely take notice of what they do. When employees do good work, this should be recognized. It might not sound like a big deal, but people like to be noticed and appreciated. When people work hard for a company but feel they do not get much in return, there isn’t much incentive for them to stick around. This can cause some of the best employees to walk away.

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