Berlin State Poll Update: CDU vs. AfD

Berlin State Poll Update: CDU vs. AfD

Angela Merkel described her CDU party’s tremendous losses in the elections of the state as quite the bitter defeat. The party was further phased out of the coalition state together with social democrats.

While this was going on, a party with approximately 14% votes steps into the spotlight in the parliament of state for the first time ever. This is none other than the AfD party.

It turns out that this is the second unexpected blow having already been forced into third position by AfD in the region of Mecklenburg. AfD currently boasts of a representation of 10 from a possible 16 of the state parliaments.

Angela Merkel: CDU vs. AfD

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Wake-up call
The SPD party came out as the mightiest of parties with around 22 percent amidst a loss of about 7 percent of their very own voters. It went ahead to lay plans for holding talks to merge with all the parties around, with the exception of the AfD party.

AfD party’s co-chairman firmly insisted that the party was in a strong bargaining position for the impending national elections. A colleague went ahead to reinforce this belief by making predictions that the party would emerge as the third biggest force in the political arena in Germany come the year 2017.

Germany’s changing politics – BBC’s Jenny Hill in Berlin
In just one single month, Angela Merkel’s faithful followers have faced humiliation for the second time by being defeated in the ballot box of the region. All of these votes are being viewed as verdicts on Merkel’s policy on refugees. This serves to show the rapidly changing landscape in the politics in Germany. There is a loud and vocal resonance within the electorate of anti-immigrant and Muslim statements of the AfD party. This has made the party get an almost certain position of winning seats in the parliament in the forthcoming year. It’s been predicted that this is the onset of a new and somewhat complicated dawn of politics in Germany.

Lots of blame arrows are being aimed at Angela Merkel for being the mastermind of her own downfall as she is insistent on standing with her much-tainted refugee policy. She has quite an uphill task of convincing everyone, including her supporters that she still has the reins of control at hand.

‘Empty formula’
Angela Merkel seemed to change her earlier position on the migration issue over the weekend when she appeared to turn away from the stand she had of managing the increased migrants influx towards the end of 2015’s month of August. In a city populated with about 3.5 million people totalling, Berlin’s Sunday election had a predominance of local problems like crumbling of school buildings among many others including the hardships encountered in managing the influx of migrants.

What went wrong? Media on failings of mainstream politics
The increased rise of AfD has been inspired by voters who take to feeling that they have been marginalized and also forgotten. On the aspect of Angela Merkel, it is thought that she will take to blaming the local factors for the downfall of her CDU party in the place of accepting her stance on welcoming immigrants wasn’t the best foot to put forward. However, In spite of all this, it is highly unlikely that a revolt could take place in the party because it is almost impossible to figure out how things could be run in her absence.

Chancellor Angela Merkel should find a way to review her current party’s situation of political dipping in order to be on the map come next year`s general elections. She should consider a better approach to marrying her refugee and immigrant policies together with the majority of the population’s view of the same.

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