Where Can You Find A Financial Adviser?

A good number of people have come to the conclusion that they require a financial adviser but have no idea where to get one. Others have found them but have had terrible experiences with them, making it difficult to trust strangers with their assets. Let’s explore some tips to help you not only find a financial adviser but help you find the right financial adviser.

Image Courtesy – telegraph.co.uk

Image Courtesy – telegraph.co.uk

Friends and Family

First things first. It’s advised against taking on advisers that are your friends or family. If things happen to go south when you are working together, you might hang around just to make sure that you keep your friendship going or to avoid bad blood in the family. Unless you know how to tell off a friend or a member of your family, it’s highly advised that you look for your options elsewhere.

Type of Adviser

You need to know the type of financial adviser you need to avoid looking for one at the wrong place. Some advisers will make money on commissions out of your transactions while others will not. Other advisers get paid in hourly rates. You need to know what kind of adviser you require before you start fishing for one.

Your Needs

You need to know and understand your needs before even hiring an adviser. This will also help you know where to go look for an adviser. If for instance, you need advice on retirement, the type of adviser you need is one who is an expert in pensions.

You may already have these tips in mind, but you still don’t know where exactly you will find your financial adviser. You can begin your search on the internet where you’ll find quite a number of them. Here are some of the trusted ones:


This website features only advisers who are independent. It hosts reviews of Independent Financial Advisers so as to ensure that the clients are genuine. You can get adviced on pretty much anything through the sessions.


This website has a collection of around 26,000 advisers. You will be required to enter your postal code and you will receive a list of available advisers within your locality. They have an online form which you can make use of, that recommends advisers on the basis of your area of interest and also depending on the value you are working with.


The advisory network of this website is 22,000 but you should be advised that they do not just list IFA`s. Some of the advisers are not independent so you will need to go through the list and find an adviser you can trust.


This is the website where the Institute of Financial Planning has listed certified financial advisers and firms. Note that not all listed are independent advisers. You will need to go through the list first and find out who you can work with.

Now that you know what a financial adviser is, how much they charge, and where you can find them; I believe you have all the tools necessary to get one for yourself. What are you waiting for?

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