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Protection Insurance – Tips and Myths from Expert Financial Advisers

Protection Insurance - tips and myths

The insurance policy is a contract between an individual (or company) and an insurance company for protection against a particular risk. The insured undertakes to pay one or more regular premiums and in return, when the risk occurs, the insurer undertakes to assume reimburse charges as agreed in the contract.       TIPS ON

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Do you Need Income Protection Insurance? Yes You do, Says Expert Financial Advisers!

Income protection insurance - word injury, illness or accident

After an illness or accident, you can no longer work. In the event of illness or accident causing disability for a long period of time, the indemnity you receive from the mutual insurance company will not likely allow you to maintain your lifestyle. Guaranteed income insurance, also known as disability insurance, allows you to receive

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How Much does Protection Insurance Cost?

Income protection insurance cost - Funds Hero

You assume an important role in your family by providing financial security, in part or completely sufficient income to ensure their welfare. Keeping in mind unforeseeable future, wherein your income stops, you would want to preserve the standard of living of your family and allow your loved ones to cope in times of hardship and

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Find the Right Financial Protection for You – Tips from the Best Financial Adviser!

Right Financial Protection For You

In these times of economic uncertainty, between the rise of unemployment and the foreseeable decrease of future pensions, saving regularly is a common concern among many people. The goal may be to set aside a few pennies to face difficult times, to build up capital to help children get into the workforce or to prepare

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Pension Release or Pension Unlocking

Pension release should not be done unless where dire circumstances dictate

Pension release is synonymous to pension unlocking. It refers to taking money out of your pension scheme early before you have retired. You may have reached retirement age and thus it may be legal to do a pension release. However, if you have not reached retirement age then it may be illegal except for the

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Trace Lost Pensions and Request Pension Forecasts

lost pension

When planning for retirement, you may enter into a number of pension plans. The common plans are the workplace pensions and the State Pension. In addition, you might have more personal plans which you may have undertook to supplement the already existing ones. With all these plans, you need to establish how much each and

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Transferring Defined Contribution Pensions


Are you thinking of transferring your defined contrition pensions into a new personal pension plan? Well, it can be a complicated process if you’re not conversant with how to go about it. Moreover, there a lot of considerations to be made so that you’re fully aware of the implications. There are vital questions that you

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Transferring Out Of a Defined Benefit Pension Scheme

defined benefit pension scheme

When you have a salary and you have been contributing towards a pension scheme, then you have been contributing towards a defined benefit pension scheme. When you transfer from such a scheme, you are in essence giving up all benefits that came with the scheme for cash. This cash is used to invest in another

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Lifetime Allowance For Pension Savings

Llifetime Allowance For Pension Savings

The Lifetime Allowance refers to the set limit an individual can draw out as pension benefit from the existing pension schemes. This draw out can either be a lump sum amount or retirement income. It can be drawn out without any tax obligation. Thus, it’s the maximum value of benefits that can be drawn out

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Pension Information: Guide To The Basic Facts

Pension Information Guide To The Basic Facts

All of us, regardless of age, are approaching retirement. It’s inevitable, and we’ll all get there whether we like it or not. One of the things that will prepare us for retirement is pension. Pension refers to any amount of money that’s saved, contributed and added to a fund during the working years of an

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