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Protection Insurance – Tips and Myths from Expert Financial Advisers

Protection Insurance - tips and myths

The insurance policy is a contract between an individual (or company) and an insurance company for protection against a particular risk. The insured undertakes to pay one or more regular premiums and in return, when the risk occurs, the insurer undertakes to assume reimburse charges as agreed in the contract.       TIPS ON

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Find the Right Financial Protection for You – Tips from the Best Financial Adviser!

Right Financial Protection For You

In these times of economic uncertainty, between the rise of unemployment and the foreseeable decrease of future pensions, saving regularly is a common concern among many people. The goal may be to set aside a few pennies to face difficult times, to build up capital to help children get into the workforce or to prepare

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Investing Online Versus Using a Hedge Firm

online trading versus hedge firm

Investing Online Online investing is popularly known as online trading. This involves the practice of placing a buy or sell order on an online trading platform. This act of going long and going short generally involves dealing in international currencies, stocks, bonds as well as other financial instruments. Online trading has been taken up by

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Child Plans – Investing From Early Age

child investment plans

In the United Kingdom today, most families, to build on the rather uncertain future, are constantly encouraging their children to save up some little cash once in a while. Some parents have also decided to chip in too, by depositing a suitable amount of money into their accounts. In so doing, not only can they

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5 Charts for Fully Invested Bears

fully invested bear

“While it seemed for a while that volatility had been completely eliminated from the market by an ever present Fed, I warned this was a dangerous assumption to make. On Friday, volatility returned with a vengeance.” The above excerpt is part of a discussion that Lance Roberts had on market volatility on the site realinvestmentadvice

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Investment Advice

Retirement Investment Advice

The Road to Retirement The road to retirement is never a smooth one, coming with many bumps along its path such as College Tuition or buying a house. You finally arrive and realise that you then have to find a way to manage your savings over the next 20, 30, or even 40 years. You

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Stocks to Watch Post Brexit

stock trends after Brexit

Just recently, citizens of the United Kingdom opted to leave the European Union in a move that rocked the financial market, investors, multinational companies and the European community as a whole. However, the stock exchange has also changed drastically with as shift in the behaviour of various stock markets in Britain. Widely affected equity markets

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Which Bank Will Suit Your Investment Needs?

investment banking ideas

When companies at one point in time, choose to raise capital either through borrowing or avenues such as equity investment, inevitably, they will have to seek the services of an investment bank. But how does one decide on an investment bank – more over an individual who works in a financial institution that is in

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What’s Beyond Stocks, Bond & Cash

alternative investments

Alternative investments are broadly those investments that fall beyond the conventional investment types, such as stocks, bonds and cash. They may include private equity, real estate, hedge funds, financial derivatives contracts and commodities. As is the norm with all investments, a basic and coherent understanding of the various benefits and risks associated with alternative investments

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Renewable Energy: A Strong Consestant for Investors

Renewable energy investment

Worldwide investment in energy sources fell by 8% last year to $1.8tn (£1.4), reflecting low prices in gas and oil as well as cost falls in the sector, new data shows. Nearly half of this descent was accounted for by the US, where plunging oil prices and a recent spike of interest in the production of

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