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5 Essential Index to Follow for Investors

5 Essential Index to Follow for Investors

“While it seemed for a while that volatility had been completely eliminated from the market by an ever present Fed, I warned this was a dangerous assumption to make. On Friday, volatility returned with a vengeance.” The above excerpt is part of a discussion that Lance Roberts had on market volatility on the site realinvestmentadvice

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Read This If You Want To Know About Bond Investments


There have been explanations by managers of fixed income about their positions in the portfolio after the volatile past half year. They seem to be taking the controlling front by using the opportunities found within the sector and at the same time taking care of challenges which include political uncertainty among others. The Risks Arising

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Is It A Good Time To Invest In Commodities?

commodity investment

“When it comes to investments, it all boils down to one simple question. Where do you lie in terms of investor types? Most categories have been summed up into two main ones: the investor who dwells on continuation of trends, and the investor who partakes in a reversal of trends. It`s no secret now that

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Considering Investing In Retail Brands?

Invest In Retail Brands

We are approaching the epitome of earnings season and it may be interestingly wild as Wall Street`s outlook is below average; it`s quite poor actually. Wall Street estimates that the profits in the second quarter of the S&P 500 are at a 5.6% drop, making it the fifth quarter in a row that has falling

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Retirement Tips for Beginners: Pension vs. Real Estate

Is investing in real estate a better idea than pension - Retirement tips for beginners

Beginners The tightly thought discussion of the wealthier option between pension and property investment when retirement comes knocking is a heated one, and there is no clear-cut winner. Thus, before we embark into the business of finding out which is a better investment option, it`s vital for us to know both sides of each in

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European Hedge Funds, A Growing Market?

european hedge funds

North America, specifically that of the United States has always been a dominant, majority force in hedge fund markets, however as of 2015 numbers, Europe is growing in prominence and start making some real noise in the international hedge fund market. As of the 2016 Prequin Global Hedge Fund Report, the premier report among the

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What Do The Hedge Funds Think Of Brexit?

hedge funds on brexit

The past tends to be a strong indicator as to one’s actions. While this premise generally applies to individuals, groups tend to not escape this similar trap. So when European Hedge Funds, specifically those in Britain, saw an opportunity to leave the influence of those who in 2008 pinned all economic blame on them, it

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Why You Should Look Into Alternative Investment Options

Alternative Investment Opportunities in UK

As already alluded to in the topic heading, these sort of investments range out of the usual investment options of bonds and shares among others. Alternative investment options are vast in number but before venturing into any, it’s prudent to understand any risks involved in any alternative investment. Below are some of them and they

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Alternate Investments: Europe Investing In Smaller Ventures

alternative investments

While a majority of hedge funds focus on trading of common stock, those on the LSE, S&P 500, NYSE etc.… Europe is starting to see a trend away from this sort of brokerage, at least according to a new report by the Alternate Credit Council. The report states that the global private credit market, which

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Crucial Time for European Nations

Financial markets are no ticket to a free lunch.  Major financial institutions make their money not simply through dumb luck, but a predictive bobbing in weaving around obstacles.  As the boxer dodges the punch through preparation not reaction, so does the financial institution, navigating around dips in the market as well as international incidents that

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