Why We Are Confident With Ireland

In the city of Cork, Ireland, increased levels of employment have been realized with the help of willing investors most notably being a pharmaceutical company, which just recently announced a massive one hundred and fifty million Euro investment in the just built BioPark campus. This would lead to the creation of five hundred jobs on a full-time basis and also eight hundred jobs dealing with construction.

Cork, Ireland

Image Courtesy: Ireland Now

Impact of the Project on the Economy and Environment
In a move that looks to increase the number of employed citizens in the United Kingdom, the Minister for innovation, jobs, and enterprise, just recently gave her utmost confidence in the project. It will comprise of four factories in Loughbeg, Co Cork, and Ringaskiddy.

The project will go ahead and usher in Europe’s very first KUBio, owned and managed by the customers of GE’S biopharma. The bio park is also expected to create employment for close to over five hundred people, and a further eight hundred construction workers.

It’s anticipated that the project is set to reduce the rate of carbon 4 oxide emissions experienced through the use of traditional means by up to seventy-five percent. Further reductions are expected to be seen in water and energy, to levels of eighty cents.

Over 1500 Professionals
Reports have emerged all over the British and UK media, saying that GE is working closely with the National Institute for training and Bioprocessing with an effort of training 1500 professionals on an annual basis.
Through the help of the private sector in Ireland and the soon to be established Bio Park project, an increase in employment is expected over the next two years. Improvement in technology and innovation are other factors that citizens of Ireland and the United Kingdom as a whole, are projected to enjoy.

The private sector, in conjunction with government, has a significant role to play in job creation. Steps in this direction should be applauded and emulated as we all strive to better our economy. What role can you play?

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