5 Reasons to Stick with the Emerging Markets

5 Reasons to Stick with the Emerging Markets

Image Courtesy: Global Risk Insights

1) Momentum
In the year 2016, the top performers in the world of funds include a hoard of investments found in the emerging market. If you are afraid of purchasing a top, it’s important that you should take into account that there was an ETF that recorded a new and unseen high during September`s first week and had almost nil chances of slackening in its pace even amidst rumors of much bigger rates arousing a taking off of capital in a bid to get away from the vicinity of the region after its good start earlier in the year.
Similar to this is the ETF trust of the Russian market vendor. It is on the climb to higher heights with an increment of around thirty percent despite rejuvenation in the dollar strengths by a move by the Feds which caused a dip in prices of oil and in turn the economy in Russia.

2) Past Pain, But a Brighter Future
Optimism lies as the key behind a continuation of this rally. Brazil does incur challenges following its ugliest recession experienced in a whole century. However, there has been stabilization of prices of commodities lately and combined with the hope of government reformation enhances the trust that the worst tide of the storm is all done and finished. China may have had some problems which have resulted in its fiscal stimulus dying away and an inevitable change into a slow-growing economy. However, the Chinese equities have had a tear in spite of the Fed constraints begging the fact that it is important not to allow past troubles to dictate the path your future takes.

3) Emerging Market Debts Aren’t as Shaky as You Think
The possibility of the presence of upcoming debt in the market would make a good argument. However, even though bonds can boast of having attractive and lucrative yields with them, the corporate of Emerging Markets own better quality in credit.

4) We’ve Seen This Movie Before
Approximately a year ago, the market was getting ready for a lift off and a top class hike in rates. Over a decade ago, there was a similar bush fire of worries spreading around. However, this year, the story was that increased rates would, in turn, lead to increased cases of defaulting in the cash-laden regions and would cause an amplification of the ongoing. This would further affect markets of commodities even more in the course of the upcoming year. The fears that were being brought to the table didn`t materialize into anything tangible as such, either in markets of credit or in equities. Bearing all this in mind, it is prudent and wise to say that the ties and claims of the Feds that EM is an endangered venture will turn out to be an avoidable hoax and unsubstantial misleading.

5) Where Else Will You Go?
In theory, there are no assets that can be considered as safe assets in the event that you would like to transfer your money. There is the emergence of income gold mines which include real estate and also investment trusts, among others. We cantherefore safely assume that there is little in trades which is risk-free, and this has tremendous support from dips in the week that’s just passed.The safe thing to do would be to take into account alternatives before giving up and letting go of emerging markets.


The feds will always be the feds, but will that influence your investment choices? What do your take on this? Leave us a comment below.

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