Great Britain’s Fear of Becoming Little Britain

Brexit impact EU economy

The term ‘Great Britain’ was crafted in Roman times by Ptolemy, a famous geographer. He did this to distinguish among the two islands which are the largest. The question which many people in the European Region ask themselves is how a small island turned out to be one of the most powerful countries in the world. For many years, Britain was never considered to be within the categories of being termed as a leading superpower. However, it managed to achieve what most individuals and citizens of Europe referred as impossible.

In a twist of fortunes brought about by the Second World War, Britain has drowned in a pool of debt. Shortly, Britain faces the likelihood of being overtaken by Scotland and Ireland in terms of economic progression.

Brexit EU economy impact

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  1. Scotland’s aim of breaking the United Kingdom apart

The increased economic unpredictability in the region has made Scotland even more ready to break ties with Britain. The Labour party is planning a de facto one-party state in the United Kingdom, a move that has discouraged the Scottish citizens. Economic experts and financiers claim that such a strategy by the Labour party would spell damnation to the once Great United Kingdom.

  1. Departure from the European Union

The most disastrous long distance transformation that has recently faced the region is the ultimate separation of Britain from the European Union. Voters recently polled to have the country exit the Union through a majority victory in the referendum. It is critical to note that the Union is the region’s political and economic decision-making and problem-solving mechanism. Britain not being part of it may spell doom for Europe and the Great Britain itself.

  1. Lack of recognition by the larger European block

Arguably, one of the primary reason which compelled Britain to leave the European Union was the feeling of being constantly left out from activities and privileges enjoyed by other Union members. However, this may only be a show of pride as the country still feels bitter after surrendering its superpower status in the global arena.

  1. Small markets for British goods and services

Another factor which leaves the powerful position of the United Kingdom at risk, are their economic dependency in small-sized markets such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The mentioned countries possess markets which are too small to be supporting Britains leading trade, export and import blocks for goods and services.

  1. The unfair economic and political realities

The idea that Britain would be taken a notch more seriously around the global markets after its move to exit the European Union has been met with some harsh reactions. World leaders such as United States’ President Barrack Obama, who is arguably one of the most powerful man in the world, have made it categorically clear that relations with Britain would turn sour if it did not share a sit in Europes decision-making table.

 A lot has happened after the decision of BREXIT and more is set to arrive because of this ruling by British citizens. The world will pay a closer look into the activities and results that are likely to be witnessed in Britain and the larger continental region. Hence, it is clear that the country is on a downward trajectory that if not monitored will see a similar result to what happened to the Great Roman Empire.

Given that you are an advisor to the British Government, what advice would you offer regarding the potential effects and the diminishing status of the mighty United Kingdom? Can Britain survive the economic, political, and social challenges that have risen from this exit?

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