Why The Older Generation Preffered To Stay In The E.U

brexit: old generation stay in EU
Old Generation: Stay with EU

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The Future

Most of the older generation people maintain the opinion that Europe should remain united with Britain being the centre and nucleus of this partnership. They report of a deep fear of countries like India and also China getting, to some exten, to more economic heights relative to the United Kingdom`s. They maintain that the world has a multipolar aspect to it and if Europe doesn`t remain united, it will be somewhat difficult to face any upcoming challenges. The only profit from the Brexit they feel, is for Britain`s and generally Europe`s lurking enemies.

Freedom of Movement

The older voters say that back in the 80s, lifestyle in Britain came off as difficult. The best way to make a fulfilling living was mostly by living in other places outside Britain, but in the rest of Europe. The British citizens benefited from this whole situation due to the freedom they had in movement around Europe. The situation at the moment is different due to the fact that our economy is off the charts. However, if the tables happened to turn, people might be required to start searching for employment outside Britain like back in those days. Due to this, the old generation people argued that the exit from the European Union that has taken place could burn most bridges with other European countries. This, in turn, could de-rail efforts for us to go elsewhere in case worst goes to worst here in Britain.

The Banks Could Disappear

The financial arena in U.K is a massive sector and the banking bit of it chips in up to about 8 percent of the gross financial value in the UK. On top of that, it gives a platform for job opportunities for approximately 3.4 percent of UK jobs. Adding more significance to the situation, there has been a collection of tax receipts worth more than twenty billion in pounds. One of the major reasons that there is a flock of many financial institutions in Britain is due to its membership in the E.U. With these facts having been laid down, it’s only understandable why the old folks were against the Brexit. They were fore-seeing a slight detriment in the financial sector in Britain with most financial organizations relocating to Dublin and even Frankfurt after the exit from the E.U.

Independent UK Wouldn’t Be Important

The world`s arguably biggest super power; The U.S, values the U.K as a country financially, more particularly because of the position it held as a major member of the European Union. The relationship went ahead to gain more value with U.K acting as a conduit of the U.S to the European Union. The old folks argued that the U.S would have preferred the U.K to remain in the union in order to continue upholding a strong enough trans-Atlantic bonds to find a solution for the rapid uprising of China. As much as we would hate to admit it, they had the best in mind when raising the point that we would cease to be quite relevant in the international picture once the Brexit happened.

What would you say about the opinion that the older generation hold against Britain`s move from the European Union? Are they justified to think along those lines? Are they misguided?

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