Prefabricated Factories to Reduce Cost of Bio-Tech Drugs

Reduce Cost of Bio Tech drugs

Image Courtesy: Healthline Contributors

General Electric (GE) have huge plans to improve the manufacturing system by implementing and building prefabricated factories and introduce the low-cost system of factories in Europe.

This concept in which low-cost manufactures are being encouraged stems from China and GE want to bring it to Ireland due to their low tax rates. It is stated that 150 million euros will be invested in biopharmaceutical company’s in Cork.

The investor will be the US conglomerate who are planning on building four drug factories in Ireland –  the new factories will be in the property of General Electric and its customers. Ireland was chosen as a country where 500 new jobs will be introduced as the bio-pharmacy industry blooms due the potential investors who are attracted by the low tax rates.

The people of Ireland will benefit from this concept as they will benefit from opportunities that comes along with General Electric’s Bio Park. The new (prefabricated) modules are significantly cheaper (25 to 50 %) than those traditional plants which were previously used. What goes in their advantage as well, is the faster building rate; a 1.5 years vs. 3 years – which was the original amount of time invested in the building of traditional models.

An important aim from these four factories is to produce copies of often unaffordable and expensive biotech drugs at cheaper prices.

KUBio factories – a component of GE’s Enterprise Solutions, have similar plans to operate for the same aim, which helps General Electric to make their way in the world of science business. As a result, GE’s science sales stretched to almost four billion (2015) out of the overall income from the Healthcare section which was eighteen billion. GE is using the newest technology to produce antibody drugs as they strive to become a top provider for products needed in cell therapy and aim to start building their factories as early as next year, in the city of Cork.

However, the Irish government is appealed and simultaneously disturbed by this concept which are to open next year due to the as shake faced by the Apple fiasco.  They fear the European Commission will demand for tax back which will thus become a disadvantage to the low tax policy that the country is trying to implement to attract companies that are worth multi-millions.


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