Sustainable Energy Investments by Opus – A Potential Cash Cow!

Funds Hero introduces Opus Investment Group, who is a specialist investor in sustainable energy. We believe that there is a lot of potential in this sector and users are yet to explore it to the fullest. This article is to help you understanding the market better so that you can make smart investment decisions.

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Opus Investment Group is a specialist in the development and procurement of sustainable and ethical investment vehicles. Expertise includes solar, biomass, hydro, ground source and new developments in renewable technology such as tidal, hydrogen generation and osmosis transfer. Deep technical knowledge, good operational expertise and long investment experience enables Opus to source and develop high quality, sound investment vehicles that have longevity and safety in operation.

  • 8 % to 12% p.a. net returns index linked
  • Guaranteed quarterly payments direct from Good Energy/ E.ON.
  • Government backed guaranteed Feed in Tariff’s (FiT)
  • No physical installation required
  • 100% of Feed in Tariff income paid
  • All installations are UK based, insured and fully maintained

The devil is in the detail. Some of the most attractive investment returns are offered by the newest developments, but at the highest risk. With an eye on future technology developments, Opus have long experience gained in the purchase and development of large international renewables portfolios.  They employ an exhaustive audit and due-diligence process to ensure that investment vehicles which are based on sound technology, are substantiated to be of high quality and have the provision of good operational management, over the lifetime of the investment.

Opus would be pleased to discuss with fund managers, a selective choice of high return, low risk sustainable investment projects. We would be delighted to speak to developers with sound investment offerings that may need some financial assistance. Opus Investment Group has ingeniously structured an ethical and profitable hands-off investment vehicle which can generate income from the production of solar energy in the UK.

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