Medicine to High Finance: Fight to Rise to the Top

Sanjay Shah Hedge Fund

Hedge fund boss Sanjay Shah made a major transition from a potential career in medicine, to being the millionaire owner of a financial brokerage. It wasn’t all smooth sailing however, as the financial crash of 2008 almost wiped him out of the game completely, as it did to many of his close friends in the

Investing Tips: How to Choose the Pathway

After all, people are living for longer, which means retirement funds needs to be stretched out over a longer period. Quite frankly, making smart investments is one of the only ways to overcome the palpable problems. However, deciding that you want to invest is just the first of many steps on the road to a

New Investment Opportunity with SRI Services

Funds Hero brings SRI Services to your attention, a finalist onto the shortlist of ‘SRI research provider of the year award 2016’. SRI is know for their sustainable and responsible investment approaches. The company is well known for providing reliable investment solutions. SRI formally made an announcement about their nomination through a Press Release saying:

13 Great Entrepreneurs Who Didn’t Stop Trying Till They Succeeded

Mark Cuban Probably the funniest failure on this list, the Dallas Mavericks owner failed as a waiter because he couldn’t open wine bottles. He also failed as a cook and carpenter.  In the end though, these experiences helped to build his resilience and never say quit attitude. Sochiro Honda oddly enough it was his failure

Clean Energy Is Now Going Mainstream

clean energy investment

In the G20, there has been a 73% rise in clean energy produced, highlighting a longer term trend; clean energy production is now a mainstream pursuit, rather than just a niche hobby.  To put things into perspective in 2010 4.6 per cent of total electricity generated by the G20 was from renewables.  In 2015 this

GDP Data Shows Brexit Not All Gloomy

Figures released on August 26th show 0.6% increase in GDP for the second quarter of 2016. Although this only covers a short period after the Brexit vote, the data shows a robust economy in the immediate lead up to the vote, giving some hope for the future. Although the result, and consequent limbo businesses find

Brexit Proof Healthcare Stocks to Invest In Right Now!

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock for the past few months, you’ll be well aware of Brexit and its implications for existing investments and short to medium term investment opportunities. Where can a savvy investor put their money right now, that is relatively shielded from Britain’s Brexit fallout? Our tip for today: Medical

‘Autism Rocks’ Is Bringing Ricky Martin to London

Autism Rocks Ricky Martin

Quantitative Easing Making EU Investments Stronger

Quantitative Easing, a rather unconventional monetary policy, has been used extensively in recent times. Many major central banks, such as the Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan, and the European Central Bank, have resorted to this policy to kick-start their economic growth. Quantitative Easing works by injecting liquidity and pulling down interest rates simultaneously, which contributes

Is Europe’s Migration Crisis the Reason for Brexit?

The European Migration Crisis has been an overwhelming process for the EU, shaking its political stability and leading to the most shocking political decision of all: The Brexit. Although Britain’s exit from the EU following the referendum had many contributing factors, the major factor that led the Britons to opt for a leave vote was