The State Pension – Rules And Changes Explained

State Pension in the UK

There are new rules governing the State Pensions. Here’s a consideration of the key changes.If you are approaching or past the State Pension Age, you should be in tune with the new changes in the system.

Who Let The Dogs Out – Why Denmark’s Tax Fraud Story Is Fishy and Sanjay Shah is a Scapegoat?

racism a factor in sanjay shah case

Denmark, the small Scandinavian country known for its happy people and one of the best welfare systems in the world was in the news in 2015 when the Danish tax authority – SKAT – alleged that it has lost almost 12 billion Krone in tax fraud. There is no doubt that Denmark indeed lost money.

Sanjay Shah – What Was The Driving Force Of Solo Capital?

In Scandinavian Countries, False Propaganda is OK – Denmark Is On top Of the Game Note: This is a continuation of this blog. Read it first to understand why we think Sanjay Shah is framed in a dirty political war n Denmark.  The only reason we spoke about Margrethe Vestager although she has no direct

Sanjay Shah Solo Capital and Tim Cook of Apple Inc When the System is a Mess

Sanjay Shah is a businessman alleged of tricking Denmark’s treasury and stealing 12 billion Krons. Is it true? Denmark’s politics looks like a dirty one despite it’s ‘corruption free’ label.

Options For Using Your Pension Pot-Our Financial Adviser Explains

Options For Using Your Pension Pot

The pension pot typically refers to the collective pension contributions between you and your employer. It’s common with most employed people. If you’re employed, you might see these deductions from your paycheck. There are certain deductions from your salary which are directed to your pension. The ultimate place where these deducted funds go to is

Retirement- Why Should I Hire A Financial Adviser?

When thinking of retirement, there are many options you could have when trying to secure your future. You’ll be concerned about savings and pensions more than ever. Making these decisions alone is quite difficult. You would greatly seek advice from many quarters. One of the crucial people to consult is a financial adviser. This is

A Guide to Financial Adviser Fees

Financial adviser fees are an important consideration when seeking financial advice. You have to inquire the fees beforehand so that you determine if you’ll be able to meet the cost. It’s mandatory for all financial advisers to disclose all the costs. In fact, all financial advisers are required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as

Types of Financial Advisers

For every individual, there’s a time when each one of us will have to seek financial advice. Most of the time we inevitably turn to financial advisers to help us choose an ideal financial path that is coherent with our individual goals and objectives. In the search for a suitable adviser, you will encounter many

What To Do If My Financial Adviser Is Out Of Business (Part 2)

what to do if my financial adviser is out of business

It’s true that financial advisers go out of business. They may face a financial crisis and operational challenges which may render them irrelevant over time. They may also go out of business after the decline of the certain product or product provider that they were leveraging on. It might also be that the issuer of

Where Can You Find A Financial Adviser?

A good number of people have come to the conclusion that they require a financial adviser but have no idea where to get one. Others have found them but have had terrible experiences with them, making it difficult to trust strangers with their assets. Let’s explore some tips to help you not only find a