A British Investor Who Trusted Uniliver Stocks with 500 Million Pounds Now Think That It’s Probably Not a Good Idea

An investor with high decorum and in-charge of a vast array of portfolios of multi-assets has unveiled the inspiration behind his selling of shares in a number of firms, an example of this being Unilever. David Jane is the official investor`s name, and he is part of Milton, a company that specializes in multi-asset investments

Immoral Vs. Illegal: EU’s Intervention Is Pushing Members Away

The original concept of the EU was simple. It brought many countries together. Some of these countries were weak, with poor infrastructures and struggling economies, but others, like Britain, France and Germany, were some of the most powerful players in the world economy. This joining of forces should have been a threat to the United

Making Your Own Hedge Firm? Sanjay Shah’s Success Story

Sanjay Shah Investment Tips

Sanjay Shah’s story is something one might expect to see in a movie. After being laid off in 2007 from a highly paid job, Mr Shah was not exactly in a bad position financially. However, he did not want to settle with fate. Instead, he believed that the savings he had acquired could help him

EU Orders Apple to Pay £11 Billion to Ireland

Some people believe that the Brexit means we don’t have to hear anything about the European Union ever again. This, of course, comes from the widespread misbelief that the outcome of the vote would have been put into effect immediately. Indeed, it looks like we’re going to have at least three more years of direct

The Green Movement: Invest Today For a Better Tomorrow

If you ask any investor what you should invest your money in, the odds are they will recommend real estate to you. It’s understandable as the property market has always been popular with investors but times are changing and new sectors are emerging. The green movement has experienced growth over the years. Although in the

Investing in Solar Panels Could Earn You Money

Funds Hero wrote about Opus and their solar investment platform but our readers wrote to us how the entire process works out. So we decided to write a post that sheds more light to the investment plan. We are using PV solar system as an example but this article will explain the process clearly. Investors

Sustainable Energy Investments by Opus – A Potential Cash Cow!

Funds Hero introduces Opus Investment Group, who is a specialist investor in sustainable energy. We believe that there is a lot of potential in this sector and users are yet to explore it to the fullest. This article is to help you understanding the market better so that you can make smart investment decisions. Opus

5 Tips on Commodity Investments from Industry Experts

Ever since the financial markets went into meltdown, commodities have been a hot topic. Commodities represent to many investors a safe haven. Here are physical assets that can’t just evaporate away, like a company stocks. However, investing in commodities is by no means a straightforward affair. There are plenty of issues in this market too,

Become a Successful Financial Trader

Successful Financial Traders

Financial trading is big business. With the right knowledge and by taking the appropriate risks, traders make millions for their clients on the financial market. They do this, simply by selling shares at the precisely right time. Every day, hundreds of workers head to wall street and bid on stocks or financial trades. Those who

Silver, Potentially an Attractive Long Term Investment

The short term fundamentals for silver, which has slumped 59% over the past five years, don’t look particularly great. It has become a troublesome investment material since the decline of the photographic industry. However in the longer term, supply and demand fundamentals of the metal look to be finally improving. The potential upside for investors