How a Parking Ticket Can Destroy Your Credit Score

How a Parking Ticket Can Destroy Your Credit Score
parking ticket can damage your credit score

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In the battle of payment of debts, it’s highly unlikely to have a prison sentence resulting from owing lenders. A court action, however, could come knocking in some types of debts that beckon prison sentences. This may comprise of fines from courts and tax for council among others. There have been several cases of people reporting of finance annihilation by county court rulings.This would seem normal in any justice system in the modern world, apart from the fact that these rulings were for debts that the people in question were kept in the dark about.

Annually, there has been the issuance of court orders in quite large numbers to take care of unsettled debts. The target for these orders being a variety of firms and institutions, a good example of these being banks. In reference to the daily mail, the year 2015 had cases well above the 700,000 mark that were just written off in the absence of a defense or the courtesy of facing a judge in court.

The Justice Ministry in the country holds its grounds that county orders have a basis of being acquired by default under the Act of Freedom of information. Most people, however, continue to point out flaws in this bit of the justice system by claiming never to have been informed about the judgement. The sole reason behind this being a profound mismatch of the addresses the correspondence were directed to. A good number of the addresses being on the outdated side of things. Others, on the other hand, went ahead and fanned the fire even more by laying it down that they discovered about the judgements directed for them years after they were issued.

The defects that these judgements by county courts carry with them include the almost permanent dark cloud that hovers on one`s credit ratings. These, in turn, make it an uphill task for a person to access credit options in banks such as loans for business or even mortgage financing. As expected, there is a window of opportunity for a person to apply for an overruling of the order. The downside to this, unfortunately, lies with the sad fact that the process can take up to a whole year and on top of the waiting time, use up 225 pounds on the lower side.

After all these figures had been released, the Justice Ministry set off to investigate in depth the whole issue. The Minister for Courts was reported to claim that there would be an immediate peek into the legal system about the matter in order to rectify the mishaps that were being encountered and restore the system back to its world-leading level.

The chairman of the Committee of Common Justice declared that the published findings were to be put under scrutiny as a component of the Justice Ministry civil court review structure. This has shown progress by its inclusion into running probes by Judges into reforms for court systems. He also provided a helping hand in the frustrations of people being oblivious of court cases against them. He stressed that it was a current and urgent issue to be addressed so as to allow people to have a fighting chance in open court against the claims held against them.

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