A Review of unbiased.co.uk

review of unbiased website

Unbiased is basically a website with a vast network of financial advisers, pension experts, mortgage brokers, accountants and solicitors located in the UK. Their network covers up to 26,000 experts, which makes it ideal to give you an array of options and alternatives to pick from. The website simply connects you to an adviser in two simple ways. One, it can match you to a list of eligible advisers or two, you can carry out a search by yourself and select from their vast network.

Image Courtesy – blogspot.com

Image Courtesy – blogspot.com

Searching and Browsing

There’s a button labelled ‘Find an Advisor’ which takes you to a page with a form in which you are required to fill in your details. These details include your name, phone number and the type of adviser you are looking for (you select between IFA`s, Mortgage Advisers, Accountants, and Solicitors). You are also required to select the type of advice you need and this has a selection of either face to face advice, telephone advice or online advice. You will be required to put in the value of your asset, ranging from under £20,000 all the way up to over £10,000,000. You are required to enter your postal code and the reason why you need an adviser.

Getting Your Match

You could opt to skip that whole step and move to the other option where you are asked to select the kind of adviser you are looking for, then you put in your postcode, area or region. That data is then used to find a list of 80 suitable advisers who match your criteria within your vicinity. This means that it’s important you give the right information.

The website also offers visitors a chance to read about some issues like pensions and retirements, savings and investments, homes and property, insurance and protection, tax planning, financial planning and value of advice. You’re also offered advice on the services they cover. For instance, they give you advice on how to find the right Independent Financial Adviser, the best mortgage adviser, advice on pensions and retirement, advice on how to land the right accountant and how to plan your taxes and advice on finding the right solicitor for you.

More to that, the website offers a free financial review. These reviews include free pension checks, free mortgage reviews, free investment checks and free financial health checks. These checks are free and you will be required to send the adviser an email with a code (as in the website). You also receive tips on a good number of issues like cost of advice, pensions, and retirement, savings, and investments, homes and property, tax planning, insurance and protection, financial planning, life events, the value of advice, advice on small business and Tax Action.

The website also caters to people who want to join the advisory network and get a portal of their own too. You also get the chance to sign up for their newsletters to receive financial tips, across all stages of life regardless of whether you are starting your first job all the way through to retirement.

That was a brief review of unbiased.co.uk. Do you think it was worth writing about? Did you like it?

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