When Size Does Not Correlate To Its Potential

small firms in stock markets

Let’s keep it simple, the following are some of the small companies to watch for in 2016 in the UK.

small firms in stock markets

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  1. Whitworths

Whitworths is a small company that has big potential. It is a provider of nuts, dried food and seeds. It has supplied major supermarkets and has grown tremendously. It is a food and drink industry. It has a three year compound growth rate of 235% – that’s pretty impressive!

  1. ESP systex

Another company to watch for is ESP systex. It has climbed the ranks and is placed at third position in the Hot 100. Its offers smart solutions for companies such as TFL. It’s in the sector of outsourcing. It has a three year compound growth rate of 109% – not bad at all wont you say?

  1. Hamiltons Galleries

Hamilton Galleries is one of the companies that has showcased and nurtured some of the most important photographers of contemporary time. It is privileged of having one of the most valuable masterpieces in photography. It’s in the retail sector having a compound growth rate of 108% – competitive? Yes!

  1. LSEretail group

LSE retail group is another company which has focused on buying stocks from lighting companies in Britain and the Far East. This has contributed to its success especially in creating a viable income stream. It has in excess of 500,000 orders annually at its distribution centre. It falls under the retail sector with a compound growth rate of 88%, keep it growing!

  1. Acturis group

Acturis group is another company with big potential. It is interested in IT software and telecommunication. This company is the next big thing especially in the wider global market. It has strategically placed itself in the insurance market and is working towards greater efficiency. The compound growth rate if this company is 83% – potential!

  1. Clipper contracting group

Clipper contracting group is another small company with big potential. It’s core functions revolve around wage organization and administration. It has focused on the new trend of having workers that are there on a temporary basis. It has positioned itself in the recruitment sector and it also falls under the outsourcing industry. Its compound growth rate is valued at 81% – lets hope the growth is permanent !

  1. JB Global

JB Global Company is indeed a company with massive potential. It has maintained its position in the furniture e-commerce business since 2002. It boasts of having three popular brands. It falls under the retail and related services sector. Its growth rate is valued at 77% – check it out!

  1. The Design Museum

When talking about big potential, The Design Museum cannot be forgotten. It has from past times and in history showed that utilizing local and international interest is one of the major building blocks for a company. It’s situated along the River Thames and falls under the leisure and travel industry. Its compound growth rates is at 68% – may it keep flowing growth!

  1. E-act

E-act is an organization that rose and played a significant role in Academy schools. It has provided maintenance sponsorship and management services. The good thing is that it has government favour and support. Its growth rate is at 68% – support is strong with this one!

  1. 3fivetwo Medical

This company is highly placed in the Hot 100 businesses especially in North Ireland. It has based customer service at its core and thus has achieved growth, profits and revenue due to that. Its basic functions revolve around diagnosis, treatment and education for patients. It’s based in the pharmaceutical and medical industry with a growth rate of 67% – health care is a sure shot growth!

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