New Investment Opportunity with SRI Services

Funds Hero brings SRI Services to your attention, a finalist onto the shortlist of ‘SRI research provider of the year award 2016’. SRI is know for their sustainable and responsible investment approaches. The company is well known for providing reliable investment solutions.

SRI Services: New Investment Opportunity

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SRI formally made an announcement about their nomination through a Press Release saying:

“It is with great pleasure that I can report SRI Services has made it onto the shortlist as a finalist for the Investment Week ‘SRI Research Provider of the Year Award 2016′. This relates to the work we carry out within Fund EcoMarket – the tool we have developed to help people understand and compare sustainable, responsible and ethical retail investment strategies. The purpose of Fund EcoMarket is to help advisers (and investors) find SRI options that meet their personal SRI aims – and to help direct more investment towards companies that match their lifestyle choices and investment goals. “

The nomination came as a recognition to their services, especially for their trading strategies that attempt to protect an investor’s money.

An official statement says:

Supporting companies that are doing positive, beneficial or desirable things – by buying into them. This is a key feature of themed or positively screened investments. Such investments tend to focus on certain business areas or activities that they wish to support or benefit from. Decisions of this kind are normally made with the help of specialist researchers who help fund managers to identify whether or not a company fits the criteria they are looking for. Such strategies are likely to direct investment towards particular types of companies.

Avoiding companies that do things the fund has committed to exclude – by not buying into them This is a key feature of negatively screened ethical investment. Negatively screened ethical funds avoid investment in specified business activities or industries. Funds of this type typically have a list of exclusions and assess companies against a range of social, ethical and/or environmental criteria in order to decide whether or not a company is potentially acceptable as an investment. This reduces the number of companies a fund can invest in – although the extent to which this is the case varies significantly.

It goes without saying that investors who don’t want to part with their money but want to actually let it grow can consider SRI’s services. The company has proven its worth and reputation through this nomination.

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