Stocks to Watch Post Brexit

stock trends after Brexit

Just recently, citizens of the United Kingdom opted to leave the European Union in a move that rocked the financial market, investors, multinational companies and the European community as a whole. However, the stock exchange has also changed drastically with as shift in the behaviour of various stock markets in Britain.

stocks to watch after Brexit

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Widely affected equity markets include those in the mining industry.

For example, gold prices increased by 5.2 percent by Monday morning reaching over one million Euros per ounce. The previous night, the stock experienced a similar increase, peaking slightly above the early morning tally. Financiers have identified that it was the highest level of prices of gold in over two years, the last being felt in the month of March 2014.

From a distance, the stock market sounds and feels like an unfamiliar place. The environment further feels unsafe for business transactions. However, some stocks in leading companies show promise as they strive to ensure their survival.

Effects of Brexit on the World’s Leading Stocks 

Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE: ABX)

As previously mentioned, prices of gold are continuing to go through good economic times following the Brexit aftermath. For example, shares of Barrick increased by five percent on Friday morning as financiers and investors came to terms with why Gold is still loved. They realised that even with the prevailing uncertainty in the European region, the product remains an authentic, safe haven.

Apple (AAPL)

The company recently recorded a negative 2.81 percent decrease in its stocks. Apple enjoys various advantageous perks such as well several and educated engineers, up to date and well-performing breed of software, brand loyalty, and consistent maximisation in levels of profit. However, the company is going through uncertain times through a dip in its stock. Further challenges include slowing demands for consumer gadgets in China. Financial experts argue that this is just but a temporary setback and that Apple is still a long-term stock proposition brand.

Chevron (CVX)

The brand is without a doubt the second-largest oil company based in the United States. The company’s management has used the decrease in the energy sector as an opportunity to buttress the brand’s balance sheet and wait out the current and coming storms.

Chevron recorded a negative of 2.44 percent decrease in its stock and had similarly struggled like other enterprises performing similar operations. However, financiers identify that when energy prices return to their previously increasing trends, then the company is highly positioned and expected to benefit significantly.

Home Depot (HD)

The company is the largest retailer dealing with all matters concerning home-improvement. It has over two thousand locations, including one thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven in the United States. The company recorded a negative 1.47 percent in its stock but is expected to continue improving beyond the current year 2016 and further into 2017. 

Although the economy is set to experience continued changes in the behaviour of stock in various multinational companies not mentioned such as Google, this post shows that all is not lost in the world of stock marketing. Of interest too is Facebook – by taking a look at the stocks mentioned above, you will realise that even after the move by the United Kingdom to exit from the European Union, some stocks are still available at enticing discounts.

In your expert opinion what advice would you give to the British Investors concerning the unpredictable movement and behaviour of the stock market? Can the situation be controlled or do investors have to adjust to the current trend?

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