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What’s Beyond Stocks, Bond & Cash

alternative investments

Alternative investments are broadly those investments that fall beyond the conventional investment types, such as stocks, bonds and cash. They may include private equity, real estate, hedge funds, financial derivatives contracts and commodities. As is the norm with all investments, a basic and coherent understanding of the various benefits and risks associated with alternative investments

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European Hedge Funds, A Growing Market?

european hedge funds

North America, specifically that of the United States has always been a dominant, majority force in hedge fund markets, however as of 2015 numbers, Europe is growing in prominence and start making some real noise in the international hedge fund market. As of the 2016 Prequin Global Hedge Fund Report, the premier report among the

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Why You Should Look Into Alternative Investment Options

Alternative Investment Opportunities in UK

As already alluded to in the topic heading, these sort of investments range out of the usual investment options of bonds and shares among others. Alternative investment options are vast in number but before venturing into any, it’s prudent to understand any risks involved in any alternative investment. Below are some of them and they

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Investing in Solar Panels Could Earn You Money

Funds Hero wrote about Opus and their solar investment platform but our readers wrote to us how the entire process works out. So we decided to write a post that sheds more light to the investment plan. We are using PV solar system as an example but this article will explain the process clearly. Investors

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