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Brexit’s Effect on America

sanjay shah and EU verdict on apple truth

The world was stunned when Britain voted to exit from the European Union. It goes without saying that this move inevitably had adverse effects on the economy of Britain and neighboring European countries. But what about the United States? Many American analysts, technocrats, and even politicians were quick to disregard any effect of Brexit on

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How Employment across the EU Will Be Affected By BREXIT

brexit unemployment

Introduction The apparent exit of the UK from the European Union (EU) will certainly bring a rise in the levels of unemployment. This is because, with the exit, there is expected to be a decline in economic activity. It is also expected to bring about job losses at least in the short term. This is

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Why The Older Generation Preffered To Stay In The E.U

brexit: old generation stay in EU

The Future Most of the older generation people maintain the opinion that Europe should remain united with Britain being the centre and nucleus of this partnership. They report of a deep fear of countries like India and also China getting, to some exten, to more economic heights relative to the United Kingdom`s. They maintain that

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What to Expect In Q1 Of 2017

Prediction are never easy, but let us try and understand what the first quarter of 2017 may look like – as the UK consistently builds their expectations on its economic front. Key implications will be due to the Brexit. Housing One of the expected events is that the housing market will boom consistently. This is

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Slow Catastrophic Impact of Brexit on a Larger Scale

Not many odds makers or financial experts foresaw the potential exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Consequent reactions in the market were slow, swift, but many drastic factors  surprised many. Financial markets are expected to take a period to adjust to the changes, but face possibilities of falling into an entirely new

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Stocks to Watch Post Brexit

stock trends after Brexit

Just recently, citizens of the United Kingdom opted to leave the European Union in a move that rocked the financial market, investors, multinational companies and the European community as a whole. However, the stock exchange has also changed drastically with as shift in the behaviour of various stock markets in Britain. Widely affected equity markets

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Unstable Market Forces MNC’s To Relook Their Operation Status in UK

MNC in UK post brexit

Following the decision by Britain to leave the European Union, multinationals worldwide have announced that their brands are looking into implementing certain changes so that they do not hinder future production levels. In a move that is set to see thousands of people, hard working citizens of the United Kingdom, risk possibilities of unemployment. The

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What Do The Hedge Funds Think Of Brexit?

hedge funds on brexit

The past tends to be a strong indicator as to one’s actions. While this premise generally applies to individuals, groups tend to not escape this similar trap. So when European Hedge Funds, specifically those in Britain, saw an opportunity to leave the influence of those who in 2008 pinned all economic blame on them, it

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Trade Uncertainty Along With Brexit

hedge funds post brexit

After the referendum of 23 June, Britain’s economic future quickly became bleak according to a large deal of economists.  Leaving the single market provides pressure on many London based firms to think of relocation. While options are being proposed, such as the city state declaration, or at least calling London a free economic area, a

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GDP Data Shows Brexit Not All Gloomy

Figures released on August 26th show 0.6% increase in GDP for the second quarter of 2016. Although this only covers a short period after the Brexit vote, the data shows a robust economy in the immediate lead up to the vote, giving some hope for the future. Although the result, and consequent limbo businesses find

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