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Pension Release or Pension Unlocking

Pension release should not be done unless where dire circumstances dictate

Pension release is synonymous to pension unlocking. It refers to taking money out of your pension scheme early before you have retired. You may have reached retirement age and thus it may be legal to do a pension release. However, if you have not reached retirement age then it may be illegal except for the

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Transferring Out Of a Defined Benefit Pension Scheme

defined benefit pension scheme

When you have a salary and you have been contributing towards a pension scheme, then you have been contributing towards a defined benefit pension scheme. When you transfer from such a scheme, you are in essence giving up all benefits that came with the scheme for cash. This cash is used to invest in another

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Options For Using Your Pension Pot-Our Financial Adviser Explains

Options For Using Your Pension Pot

The pension pot typically refers to the collective pension contributions between you and your employer. It’s common with most employed people. If you’re employed, you might see these deductions from your paycheck. There are certain deductions from your salary which are directed to your pension. The ultimate place where these deducted funds go to is

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Get a Free Pension Check to Choose the Right Financial Adviser

Pension Check form Right Financial Advisor

Financial experts are regulated by the financial conduct authority in the UK, which means that they follow a set of rules and regulations when dealing with their clients. The clients are therefore protected by the law as they consult the financial experts. A good financial adviser is one who is recommended to you by a

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