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Stocks to Watch Post Brexit

stock trends after Brexit

Just recently, citizens of the United Kingdom opted to leave the European Union in a move that rocked the financial market, investors, multinational companies and the European community as a whole. However, the stock exchange has also changed drastically with as shift in the behaviour of various stock markets in Britain. Widely affected equity markets

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When Size Does Not Correlate To Its Potential

small firms in stock markets

Let’s keep it simple, the following are some of the small companies to watch for in 2016 in the UK. Whitworths Whitworths is a small company that has big potential. It is a provider of nuts, dried food and seeds. It has supplied major supermarkets and has grown tremendously. It is a food and drink

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Stock Market Advices That Most People Will Not Share

share market tips

Many people in the UK and Europe as a whole would argue that they have made some good stocks over the last decade. However, in an interesting turn of events, not many European people will confess their poor decisions that saw them lose out in the stock market. It is, therefore, necessary to note some

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Expert Recommended Stocks

recomended stock

“According to Gervais Williams, a renowned and veteran manager of the diverse Income Investment Trust, the current, and to some people dismal, event that stocks are dipping in the absence of any logical reason since the British EU referendum creates just the right opportunities conducive for income investors. In the recent last five years, the

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