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Renewable Energy: A Strong Consestant for Investors

Renewable energy investment

Worldwide investment in energy sources fell by 8% last year to $1.8tn (£1.4), reflecting low prices in gas and oil as well as cost falls in the sector, new data shows. Nearly half of this descent was accounted for by the US, where plunging oil prices and a recent spike of interest in the production of

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The Green Movement: Invest Today For a Better Tomorrow

If you ask any investor what you should invest your money in, the odds are they will recommend real estate to you. It’s understandable as the property market has always been popular with investors but times are changing and new sectors are emerging. The green movement has experienced growth over the years. Although in the

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Investing in Solar Panels Could Earn You Money

Funds Hero wrote about Opus and their solar investment platform but our readers wrote to us how the entire process works out. So we decided to write a post that sheds more light to the investment plan. We are using PV solar system as an example but this article will explain the process clearly. Investors

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Sustainable Energy Investments by Opus – A Potential Cash Cow!

Funds Hero introduces Opus Investment Group, who is a specialist investor in sustainable energy. We believe that there is a lot of potential in this sector and users are yet to explore it to the fullest. This article is to help you understanding the market better so that you can make smart investment decisions. Opus

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Clean Energy Is Now Going Mainstream

clean energy investment

In the G20, there has been a 73% rise in clean energy produced, highlighting a longer term trend; clean energy production is now a mainstream pursuit, rather than just a niche hobby.  To put things into perspective in 2010 4.6 per cent of total electricity generated by the G20 was from renewables.  In 2015 this

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